Immigrant Visa Interview Preparation

Immigrant Visa Interview Preparation

Are you afraid of getting your Visa rejected? Worry not! ICRL INDIA, one of the most promising and renowned overseas job consultancies in India will guide you through immigrant visa interview preparation that helps in cracking the job interview on the first attempt.

After you have applied for jobs in Canada or any European country, your next step is to start preparing for the job and visa interview. This can be scary at times as a little ignorance can break the chances of getting selected. But, if you prepare in advance and get professionals to guide you, you can easily place a seat for yourself.


We have a team of the best immigration consultants in India for Australia and other parts of the country who will guide you through mock interview preparation, rightful guidance about body posture, and dressing sense, and give you all possible answers that might be put up during the interview.

1- Get your papers ready

There are many papers and documents required for the visa application process. US Embassy website states that you need documents with your passport ds-160 confirmation, application fee, payment receipt, and photo, along with academic documents such as transcripts, diplomas and your grade sheets.

After you are ready with these papers, you must also keep your financial and education degree ready or if you don't have a degree, you can provide any provisional degree, which will hit the spot.

2- Dress up sharp

Dressing up is important to impress and increase your chances of selection. You do not want to risk a first bad impression. Not too formal and not too clashing, wear decent colours, and match your shoes. Just be comfortable with your look.

3- Confidence

Your body posture and facial expression are very important during answering the questions. If you seem unconfident or your facial expression shows fear and uncertainty, it may leave a bad impression in the mind of the interviewer. You should show it by your posture and reveal the purpose of getting a visa clearly.

4- Don't take the stress

You have got a job in a foreign country, and you have made it. Now, you don't want to make any mistakes and lose this opportunity. Stressing out can let you make mistakes which you don't want to do now. By attending our sessions on immigrant visa interview preparation, you could easily reduce your stress and pass the process.

5- Ready your Financial documents

Are your finances ready? Although they already know where your finances are coming from. But, they want to ensure that you work legally in the U.S. or any other foreign country and be sure where the money is coming from.

For professional consultancy related to visa interviews, you can get help from our best immigration consultants in India for the USA. Why wait, connect with us via call at +91 8586900846 or mail us at

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