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One of the Best Countries in the World to Live

Canada is an affluent and technologically advanced industrial society that bears resemblance to the US in terms of its market-oriented economy, production patterns, and high living standards. It is widely recognized globally as a prosperous and stable nation, known for its respect for diversity and democratic institutions. With its vast landmass, relatively small population, and abundant natural resources, Canada has thrived to the extent that it is now regarded as one of the best places to live according to a recent United Nations study.

As a result, Canada has emerged as a preferred destination for immigrants worldwide. Its residents enjoy a remarkably high quality of life, and the country's clean environment contributes to a sense of happiness and well-being

Canada, a Nation of immigrants:

Canada is a significant destination for immigrants, with approximately one in six of its 38.5 million people born outside the country. These individuals come from various countries, including the UK, China, Italy, Greece, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, and many others.

The country welcomes around 300,000 to 350,000 immigrants annually, with more than a quarter of them originating from Asian countries.

The Canadian government actively promotes settlement and employment in Canada, offering permanent residency status and the opportunity to attain citizenship after several years. Over the past two decades, immigrants have made substantial economic contributions, surpassing any other group and investing billions of dollars into the country's economy, often belonging to the high-earning wage bracket.

Canada has a rich tradition and policy of embracing multicultural diversity as a country of immigrants. It boasts representation from nearly every ethnic group in the world, resulting in a wide range of ethnic cuisines and cultural activities. Additionally, Canada is renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes, offering some of the most beautiful environments worldwide.

Job Opportunities in Canada:

Canada offers promising job opportunities across various fields, including Accounting and Finance, IT and Telecommunications, Healthcare and Medical, Hospitality and Catering, Management, Clerical and Administrative, Marketing and Sales, among others. Several multinational companies, such as Apple, Disney, Google, Hasbro, Microsoft Corporation, Nike, Yahoo, and others, have a presence in Canada. Additionally, top Canadian companies include Royal Bank of Canada, ANULIFE Financial Corporation, Bank of Nova Scotia Properties Inc, Toronto-Dominion Bank, and EnCana Corporation.

Immigration Levels in Canada: The Canadian government, through its official website (, has released the new Immigration level plan for 2022-2024. The plan aims to invite approximately 1.33 million permanent residents to Canada during this period.

Year wise Levels Plan 2022 Year - 431,645 permanent residents
2023 Year - 447,055 permanent residents
2024 Year - 451,000 permanent residents
Total 1.33 million PR
Requirements: * Bachelor's Degree / PG Diploma / Masters
* Minimum 2 years of Experience
Jobs in Demand:
- Engineering Professionals | $102,340 per year salary
- Architects | $99,443 per year salary
- Admin Assistants / Customer Service | $75,048 per year salary
- Retail, Sales and Marketing | $79,500 per year salary
- IT professionals | $72,060 per year salary
- Health Care Professionals | $39,552 per year salary
- Restaurant Professionals | $43,208 per year salary
- Chefs | $84,488 per year salary
- Accountants | 90,627 per year salary
- Hotel Managers | $87,765 per year salary
And many more professionals are in demand

Canada differs from other countries in several aspects…

Geography: With an expansive area of approximately 10 million square kilometers, Canada is the second largest country globally. It spans six time zones and is surrounded by three oceans.

Population and Settlement: Canada's population is around 34 million, and its population growth rate of approximately 1 percent per year is higher than many developed countries, thanks to immigration.

Health Care: While Canada's health care system is primarily the responsibility of provincial governments, the federal government also contributes funds. The system is funded through taxes, and residents typically do not have to pay directly for most health care services. However, newly arrived migrants are usually not covered by provincial health insurance for the first three months, necessitating private insurance.

Economy: Canada is one of the world's wealthiest nations, with a high per capita income. Its economy has experienced significant growth since the early 1990s, with low unemployment rates and substantial government surpluses. The Canadian economy shares similarities with the United States in its market-oriented economic system, production patterns, and high living standards.

Education: Education standards are consistently high across Canada, with options available in both English and French in most regions.

Benefits of Permanent Resident Visa:

  • Income: Earn in Canadian dollars, with average salaries ranging from 5,000 C$ to 15,000 C$ per month, plus additional benefits.
  • Education: Children can study in Canadian schools for free, and higher education in world-class colleges and universities is more affordable than in the US.
  • Health: Access to top-quality healthcare facilities.
  • Retirement: Canada is rated as one of the best countries for retirement.
  • Family: The ability to sponsor parents and relatives to join in Canada.
  • Freedom: Live, work, and study in any Canadian province or territory.
  • Travel: Canadian passport holders can travel visa-free to 180 countries worldwide.
  • Spousal Employment: Spouses of permanent residents are also eligible to work full-time.
  • United Nations Recognition: Canada is ranked as the number one country to work for migrants by the United Nations.
  • Investment: Considered a solid investment with potentially higher returns than other investment options.

Process Details

In the process there are 4 stages mentioned below:

Step One:

We call this process " Skill Assessment". In this, we will courier your documents to "Relevant Assessing Authorities in Australia" for approval.

Step Two:

We will prepare you for this test at our own centres. We will also provide you with books and audio-video material and ONLINE TRAINING for preparation.

Step Three:

In this process, we have to submit our details along with our "SKILL ASSESSMENT Approval" and "English Test Report on Australia Govt official website We call this process " Profile submission". After that, we get E- Visa approval from Govt, and then we complete the remaining formalities like Medicals, Police clearance and Visa stamping on passport.

Step Four:

After Visa Approval, We do Resume Preparation as per Australian employer requirements/Interview Arrangement (Skype or Telephonic) / AirPort pick-up/ Accommodation Arrangements & other services will be provided. We can also assist you with your spouse's employment.

Please Note: You can change your employer / Job any number of times in this 5 years period if you get better opportunities there.


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Please find the below mention credentials of our company:

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  • GST Registered.
  • Our Canadian Solicitor is an Independent ICCRC Member in Canada.
  • Our Australian Solicitor is a Registered MARA Agent.
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The consulting fee for the entire process, payable in installments, is 80,000 INR. The fee can also be paid in a one-time payment plan of 60,000 INR. Additional government fees for services such as educational credential assessment and visa approval are payable directly to the relevant authorities.


We charge step by step and only for the service you availed from us. Our Consulting Fee for the entire process in in Installment payment plan is 80000 INR.

Payable in 4 equal Installments
1: - 1st Installment of INR 20,000/- to start the process
We will complete Step 1 of the process.
We will prepare you for the IELTS test (English Proficiency Test). We will also provide you books and audio - video material and 2 months TRAINING for preparation. Our Trainer will train you well for this Test. Please visit for more information on Test.
2: - 2nd Installment of INR 20,000/- Payable after 1 month
We will complete Step 2 of the process.
We will Verify your documents by Canadian Govt. We call this process "Educational Credential Assessment". In this process we will courier your documents to "WES-Canada" for approval. Please visit for further information.
3: - 3rd Installment of INR 20,000/- Payable after 1st and 2nd Step

We will complete Step 3 of the process.

In this process, we have to submit your visa application on Canada Govt. official website We call this process "CRS Profile submission". After that we get Visa approval from Govt. and then we complete the remaining formalities like Medicals, Police clearance and Visa stamping on passport.
3: - 4th Installment of INR 20,000/- Payable after Visa approval

We will complete Step 3 of the process.

After Visa Approval, we compile your documents as per Canadian employer requirement and submit the same for employment / Interview Arrangement (Skype or Telephonic) We arrange AirPort pick up and Accommodation. We can also assist you for your spouse's employment if required. You can change your employer / Company any number of times in this 5 years period if you get better opportunities there.

One-Time Payment Plan: INR 60,000.
Please add Govt. Tax GST @ 18%
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT FEE (Payable directly to relevant authorities):
1. ECA FEE (Documents Verification): 250 C$ (Payable to WES Canada)
2. 5 Years Canada Govt Visa Fee: 850 C $ + $ 515 C$ (Payable after Visa Approval)
3. IELTS Exam Fee: Rs. 15000/- (Payable to IDP)


• Documents verification from WES Canada i.e., CA Process (
• IELTS exam training by our English Faculty (
• Complete Application Processing with Canadian High Commission.
• Updates & follow up during application processing
• Visa Interview Preparation (If applicable)
• Resume formatting as per the country requirement.
• Posting your resume on various local job sites in the required format.
• Job search / HR Services / Interview arrangements and Guidance.
• Post Visa Services like Accommodation arrangement, Tickets and Airport Pick up.

Please send scan / Photocopies copies of:

1. Graduation/PG mark sheets and final passing certificates
2. Copy of Passport
3. Appointment Letter or Work Experience Letters from previous employer
4. Updated Resume