Eligibility Assistance

Eligibility Assistance

ICRL INDIA online assessment is the first stage where we help in finding out whether you are eligible to apply visa for the country you are applying for or not. As every country is different so is the rule and regulation to apply for visa processing. So, before applying, the applicant has to qualify for the criteria set by the preferred country. Concisely, our overseas job consultancy in India will ensure that you meet all requirements and do efforts to make this process easy for you. We will look after your documents, and eligibility and clarify all your doubts regarding the rules and regulations of visa processing.


General Eligibility Requirements

  • Show your work permit proof to the officer and discuss your stay period with them.
  • Give a detail or show any money-related documents showing that you have enough funds to stay in the country you are travelling to.
  • Submit a police clearance certificate as proof that you do not have any record of criminal activity.
  • The government of the country you are travelling to must also ensure that you are not a danger to its security.
  • You must pass the health and medical exam (if required).
  • You must not have any plan to work with the list of employers regarded as ineligible by the government because they failed to comply with certain conditions.
  • Give the concern to provide any documents demanded by officers to qualify your entry to a foreign country.

How We Guide and Help You?

One-to-one assessment

You can fill out the online form and submit the responses. Our team will review your application and advice you to take the necessary step.

Get prompt response via mail

If you want to know more about our visa consultant services and process, please drop us a query on our registered e-mail id. We will be happy to answer your question.

Discussion with our expert consultant

If you want to have a detailed enquiry regarding the Immigration services, you can contact our best immigration consultants in India. Our team will be happy to connect with you and clarify all the doubts you have regarding the eligibility criteria or more. Why wait, connect with us via call at +91 8586900846 or mail us at info@icrlindia.com.

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