Post-Landing Services

Post-Landing Services

The immigration process starts as soon as the application is received and ends with the successful assimilation into the new country. But, we make sure that you get settled and start your life there safely. Our best immigration consultant in India for Canada looks after settlement facilities too that help our clients start their new journey in a new country easily. Our post-landing services in Canada, Australia, and other US countries help in preparing for a new life with ease of mind. ICRL INDIA consultants offer a wide range of post-landing service facilities that help in empowering you as a successful immigrant in a new country.


We offer post-landing services under three broad categories

(1) landing and moving around.
(2) residence hunting.
(3) adapting.

Landing and Moving Around

ICRL INDIA can help you with post-landing services in Canada and provide you with some additional facilities after you have landed in your destination country:
  • Pickup from the airport
  • Advice about the documents needed at the airport
  • Help you reach the accommodation
  • Assist you in understanding the local transportation modes
  • Help you acquire a driver's licence
  • Guide you on buying your vehicle
  • Advice on getting your transportation insurance
After you have successfully landed in the destination country, you can move around and go to the next phase of settlement and can look for a residence for yourself and your family.

Residence Hunting

ICRL INDIA consultants and agents help you with residence hunting including:
  • Securing suitable accommodation both temporary and permanent
  • Guide you on how to apply for a health card
  • Help you with the taxation formalities
  • Assist you in the school admission procedure for your children
After having home-related details, you can proceed ahead into the last phase of the settlement process. ICRL INDIA supports immigrants in settling down in another country and offers professional guidance without much hassle. So, while we manage your details, you can focus on your new life ahead. Our team of the best immigration consultants in India will offer pre-flight to a post-landing facility that will help you make your dream come true. Why wait, connect with us via call at +91 8586900846 or mail us at

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