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Ireland is among the top countries in the world that boast enriching learning experiences without parallels. Highly rated for its education and rigorous evaluation process, Irish education helps a person identify and develop skills and flexibility. Being a modern country, it still has its old charm and tradition that make it among the top country in the world.

To study in Ireland from India, you will have some great opportunities to study in top universities as well as get places in the world's leading multinational corporations.

Quick Facts of Ireland

• Ireland is the fastest growing country in Economy. Its GDP grew at 5.5% in 2019 and is continuing to grow above 6% in 2021.
• It is ranked among the top 10 for high-quality scientific research
• Work visa available post-study for up to 2 years
• All Irish Universities are ranked high among the top 5% globally and offer job-specific oriented programs.
• Ireland is ranked high among the 13th most peaceful places on earth.
• Ireland stands in the top 20 positions among the education systems worldwide
• Ireland is tagged 11th in the 2018 Global Innovation Index

About Griffith College

Griffith College is one of the leading universities and is also the best-known research university in Dublin. The college founded in 1974 is committed to helping international students and currently comprises 16.9% of international students at Griffith. It aims to offer quality education, support, and guidance to students and continues to be the highest university of choice. Key Highlights

• 7000+ Students
• 140+ Global Partnership
• 35,000+ Alumni
• 7 Faculties
• 100+ Nationalities
• 4 Campuses in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick

Study in Ireland for International Students

To progress in your career, there are many benefits to study in Ireland for international students. Check out a few reasons why you must study abroad in Ireland this summer.

• Top-Ranked Universities: There are some world-famous Irish universities in the world including Griffith College that is widely popular.
• Potential career opportunities – Ireland is a host of top global giants including Google, Microsoft, Apple, PayPal, Twitter, Microsoft, Pfizer, LinkedIn, GSK and Genzyme. This makes studying in Ireland a lucrative opportunity. Many Irish universities are allowing their graduates to build high impact on academics and research in the global business world.
• Exciting Ireland Life: Ireland is a country filled with different cultures, values, festivals, food, etc., and a resident here can make the most of it. Also, beyond this, the beautiful green lush landscape and city life make it a more exciting place.
• PSW Visa: Students can get a PSW Visa that will help them stay back in Ireland after two years of study. However, this is a non-renewable process. For a longer stay, you must earn a work visa.
• Learn English Better: Ireland is among the top and England's only English-speaking countries after Great Britain. This means you will have to converse mostly in the English language. This will help you understand the language in a better way.
• Affordable Transportation Options: It is convenient to commute to Ireland. The transportation costs are cheaper and lower which will help you cut down your expenses further.

Study in Ireland Fees and Cost

Griffith College is proud to welcome learners from across the globe at its three campuses
Griffith College Dublin, Griffith College Cork, and Griffith College Limerick. To support
international learners, Griffith College has a number of Scholarships and Bursaries available.

To study in Ireland, the fees and costs of Griffith College are:

Postgraduate Tuition Fees
• Master's Degree or Higher Diploma €12,000
• Postgraduate Diploma (where offered) €12,000

Tuition Fees Exception

• MA in Scoring for Film, TV & Interactive Media - €38,000
• MSc in Pharmaceutical Business & Technology - €16,500
• MSc in Digital Transformation - €16,500

Additional Annual Fees

These are known as the "A.I.P Fees" and are compulsory for each academic year.

Academic Administration Fee



International Student Support Fee



QQI Award Fee Level 8 & 9



Protection of Enrolled Learner Fee

€245 (PG Diploma)
€285 (Standard Masters/Higher Diploma)
€335 (Innopharma Masters)
€765 (MA Scoring)

Note for Students commencing in the Spring Intake - An Academic Administration Fee of €250 and an International Student Support Fee of €200 will be charged every September for all students regardless of status. The Protection of Enrolled Learner Fee is only paid once per stage (or repeated stage).

Most Popular Courses in the University

• Accounting
• Business
• Computing Science
• Film & TV
• Hospitality
• Law
• Music
• Design
• Pharmaceutical Science
• Photography
• Journalism & Media
• Creative Arts & Screen Media

Scholarship for study in Ireland

Bursaries and Scholarships for Postgraduate Students
There are two categories of fee support available to Griffith College applicants:
Griffith College Bursary is awarded to all international applicants who are offered a place on a Griffith College programme.
Faculty Bursary Amount
Standard Masters €1,500
Higher Diploma €1,500
Standard PG Diploma €500
Innopharma Masters €500

The Academic Merit Scholarship is an additional scholarship which is offered to international applicants who demonstrate strong academic performance at the time of application. Scholarships are awarded to international applicants at the time of admission to Griffith College. The AMS has 3 levels which are outlined below. The requisite achievement for each level of AMS award will be country specific. Below example for illustrative purposes only.

• AMS Level 1: €500 e.g CGPA > 2.7, 2:2 degree
• AMS Level 2: €1,000 e.g CGPA > 3.0 2:1 degree
• AMS Level 3: €1,500 e.g CGPA > 3.3, First class degree


Learners taking the MA in Scoring for Film, TV and Interactive Media are not eligible for the Academic Merit Scholarships or any Griffith College Bursary but may be eligible for other Scholarships and fee supports administered by Pulse College.

Please note: Scholarships will not apply to modules/stages of a study that are being repeated.

For more info regarding study in Ireland visa, scholarships, fees, admission, and related query, contact us or click here to chat with study in Ireland consultants.